On Time Shipment Guarantee

We promise that we will ship your order on the agreed shipping date or your order is FREE.

  1. Place Your Order
  2. Once payment is made and artwork has been approved (if needed) We will send a ship by date agreement.
  3. The agreement must be electronically signed in order for the guarantee to be valid.


Once your order is paid and the artwork is approved, we will issue a confirmed shipping date. If your order does not ship on the confirmed shipping date, you will receive store credit for the order or portion of the order that did not ship. Shipping is not included, we do not offer credit for shipping charges.

The order is considered shipped when it has been scanned by the shipping company (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, COURIER etc.)  The shipping company must be open on the shipping day. If there is a closing due to weather, or other event, the order will ship the next business day the shipper is open. This Guarantee does not include shipping times and we cannot be held responsible for shipping delays, losses, or damages caused by the shipper.

In the case there are damaged items or errors with an order, this is a separate issue and will be handled by customer service. As long as the order was shipped on or before the promise date, the guarantee is fulfilled.